Super Smash Flash 3

Super Smash Flash 3 Unblocked

super smash flash 3 unblockedSuper Smash Flash 3 unblocked is a popular flash game also know as SSF3. This sequel is based on the super smash bro series. This game is developed by SSF3 has two gameplay modes named stock and time mode. You can also use the combination of the two modes to play. In stock, mode player will have a chosen number of lives and will lose a life for every KO or self-destruct. If the player lost all the lives the character will be defeated and the survivor will win the match. In time mode player earn a point after knocking out an opponent and lose one point when he/she is defeated. If a tie occurs then sudden death match will decide the winner.

Game Plot

super smash flash 3The game has different play modes as well. In the adventure, mode player will have to unlock doors and face cannons. This mode contains known levels from Super smash flash 3 like super mario’s mushroom. In the classic mode, you will fight with random characters on different stages. In training mode, you can test various characters, their moves, and special abilities. In-stadium mode you will play a series of games which offer target smash mode and multi-man mode. In brawl, mode player will have different types of fights with different characters. Different items are also available is SSF2 like the bumper, red shell, capsule, poke ball, ray gun and many more.These items will appear randomly throughout the game and you can use them through item switch menu. Enjoy the best game of the smash series and play with your favorite characters.



Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked